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Debt Collection
in B2B

Representation of your interests for debt collection from the debtor.

The maximum efficiency of this scheme is achieved in the early stages of recovery.


Research about potential partner

Information research about current and potential partner.

Our information resources will help you to avoid financial and reputation problems.


Fraud investigation

We are able to undertake an investigation in the favor of shareholders and managers of companies who have doubts about the causes of certain negative consequences for business.


Buying a bad debt case from a Lender

We are ready to buy the Creditor's rights to claim to Debtor on favorable terms.

How the process looks like

  • First step is case assessment. We use information resources to analyze the whole collected information about the Debtor to choose the best collection strategy;
  • Second step is negotiation with a Debtor. We have more than 10 years of experience in collection field, as a result we have strong negotiations skills. In many cases, we manage to achieve success at the stage of negotiations;
  • The third step is the forced collection of a debt. Our lawyers are ready to support the process of recovery at all stages: pre-trial, legal proceedings, work with a writ of execution (bailiff stage), debtor-company bankruptcy, bankruptcy of company-guarantors and private bankruptcy (to collect money from shareholders).

Who is our customer?

  • Working with post payment?
  • Make a prepayment for the delivery of goods or services?
  • There are high-risk partners but you have to work with them?
  • Tired of waiting for money and do not believe that you will be able to get it back ?

Our advantages

The actions of our team will minimize the probability of refusal in insurance indemnification or refusal to pay under Bank guarantee.

We know the pain points of large debtors. The majority of these company is well known to us through trade credit insurance market. GLOBAL RECOVERY team will prevent your debtors from hiding company's and their own assets to escape their obligations.

Our experts know in what bank your debtor keeps money and where the owner of the debtor company hides the property.

Our actions will preserve the possibility of further cooperation with your customer.

About Us

  • GLOBAL RECOVERY is a fast-growing company aiming to work in the segment of corporate debt recovery;
  • Our team has an extensive and profound experience related to debt collection, bankruptcy proceeding, search and seizure of subjects of leasing and fraud investigation;
  • GLOBAL RECOVERY portfolio includes companies from the following sectors: producers and suppliers of consumer goods, factoring, leasing and insurance companies;
  • GLOBAL RECOVERY team keeps track of the precedent disputes influencing the market of debt collection. The level of our service meets the expectations of customers and reflects the demands of the time.

Our mission is to become a reliable legal partner on the way to customer’s success.

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